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International Short Film Festival with the aim of establishing a useful platform for the promotion of the audiovisual industry: a space and time for the dissemination and promotion of audiovisual content, transforming it into a meeting point for filmmakers, favoring the exchange of initiatives and promoting a open market for the development of new projects.
All selected films will be screened at our public event. Show of shorts is a competition within many festivals of the Podcultura production company. With an annual festival dedicated to awards of Brazilian actors for TV and Cinema.
We do not require release status and will consider short films that are available for viewing online.
Each film submitted will be viewed in its entirety by members of our selection team.
The Festival is open to the public, as well as to professional sales and distribution assistants. By submitting your film, you agree that the Actor Mund Festival will screen your film during the Festival and use your film for promotional purposes, as well as all regulations above.

Event Organizers

Sandra de Souza Camilo - Festival Director

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